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April 6, 2022, my husband and I closed on our brand-new home in North Las Vegas. This journey has been in motion for four years and now we have finally come full circle. We are so thankful in so many ways during this process we have had to literally lean on one another and become more vulnerable than we have ever been with-in our 15-year marriage. What I have learned in this process is that everything that I have worked so hard for has manifested. What I'm talking about is self-care! When I make self a priority, I'm bond to win! When you make yourself priority your able to properly feel up with everything you need to pour positive energy into any and everything you touch. Even though we encountered plenty of discouraging and stressful times with-in this journey I can truly say I wouldn't mind doing it all over again because the end result is everything we've imagined it to be and more. I am Grateful!

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